Thursday, June 23, 2011

Style Guide: Portland - Laurie Herrick at the Museum of Contemporary Craft

There is an amazing exhibition of weaver Laurie Herrick's work at the Museum of Contemporary Craft.
My favorite piece is this Shawl Coat from 1970:
It consists of two rectangles, each 54 x 25" that are folded crossways at shoulder and joined in center back for approximately 75" (this causes the cocoon effect).

I can't wait to try this out with some of my own fabric! 
I see it also working in silk, for a super drapey effect.

If you're in Portland, the show is up until July 30. 
Online, selected weaving drafts by Herrick will be available at the exhibition link for artists worldwide to interpret and share via Flickr. It will be interesting to see the results.