Wednesday, June 8, 2011

In 10 Minutes: 6-6

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It was a case of what pair of leggings was still clean that caused this combination. I usually pair this dress with a black tee and leggings, but all I had were the burgundy. The brown tee was "close enough"

mexican neon yellow scarf
magnolia bakery (NYC) tee
Fred Segal skirt (circa 1998) repurposed into dress
burgundy leggings - free sample from work
wool stripe sox - TJ Max, Seekonk, MA
Sanitas brown mary jane clogs, NYC
too bad this graphic is on the back of the tee --
it coordinates so well with dress print!

so true, don't you think?
I'll be wearing this tee again on Sunday when I'm hosting a "Private Cupcake Tasting Event" in conjunction with my current art exhibition at TAG Gallery.
If you live Los Angeles - adjacent, consider attending! All you need to do is show up at the gallery bearing 2-4 gourmet cupcakes per guest. It will be an afternoon of pure gluttony, beginning at 2pm, Sunday, June 12.
Bergamot Station Art Complex, D3, 2525 Michigan Ave, Santa Monica, CA.
free parking (a rare thing in Santa Monica)

If you're on FB, there is an event page here