Saturday, April 30, 2011

4-30 hommage à Leslie

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It's all about the leopard today
and paying hommage to my
favorite Lady of Leopard: Leslie
see blog for more Grrrrrrrrr

credits (clockwise from top)
MOST WANTED poster by Leslie - part of a this project,
(n.b. these links are from facebook. if you're not a member, some won't work)
Leslie by Sharon Suhovy, 
my leopard mules from Trashy Lingerie
Leslie @ Bunny Gunner by Susie Eaton Thorp
All month I have wanted to do a leopard themed post. It all started with an image seen on a blog that I've been unable to trace. [If any of you fashionistas recall seeing a street shot in Paris of a lady dressed all in leopard (seen from back) leaning over a giraffe printed tablecloth in a cafe... well, it would give me some piece of mind].
Leopard and Leslie are good friends. She wears it. She decorates her house with it. She uses it in her art.
I gathered up all my leopard garments and strewed them on my bed (my giraffe bedding echos the above giraffe tablecloth).
some details:
fake leopard hooded swing coat with red silk satin lining -- made by an OTIS student in 1990 for Carole Little
fake leopard jacket purchased at a thrift on So Congress in Austin, TX - 2009
fake leopard and chinese brocade shawl of my own design
I don't know about you, I think these fabrics go together great
mules from Trashy Lingerie
thus concludes a month of fake journaling. It became much more real than I ever imagined. More on that in another post.