Tuesday, April 26, 2011

4-26 nature girl

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today's slightly bizarre outfit
was instigated by a challenge that
Heather set on her blog:
"Is it possible to look good while camping?"
here is SpyGirl in her hiking
outfit. More on blog. And links.

While pondering Heather's challenge, two of my hiking experiences came to mind -- 
one from a 12-day backpacking hike in the Wind Rivers in WY, 8/1975
the other from a day hike that Lisa + I took on Hong Kong island, 1/2004.
On both, I wore clogs!

I put today's outfit together from what I remembered or what seemed likely from the HK hike. (It took me a while to locate the HK photos). Most of the garments are now studio clothes (to paint in) which makes sense. Comfort is key -- painting or hiking.
apologies for this wretched iPhone shot
what we have here:
Tweeds corduroy mens shirt (anyone remember Tweeds?), recolored for SpyGirl
Lucky tee
Vintage apple print skirt from Larry Quint
Vintage Betsey Johnson stripe leggings (purchased in 1979 or 80)
Cushiony hiking sox (can't remember brand)
The ubiquitous Metal Cap Clogs
HATattack hat from Swirl sale
Stripe zip-top tote from 99¢ Store

And what did I wear hiking in 2004?
You'll have to go look on Style Confessions on May 9th to find out! (If I make the cut).