Tuesday, April 19, 2011

4-19 plaidatarian

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text reads:
I'm sure you've heard the edict:
"Don't mix plaids"
This skirt totally defies that!
I just found it in a sewing pile.
Old friend that I wore a lot
2 years ago! How I forgot ye.
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blog [that would be right here]

here's the pic of it wadded up on my scanner again --
my (stupid) printer didn't do it justice
I really did find this in a pile and am REALLY delighted to have done so. Two years ago I gave myself bursitis digitizing my closet (a whole OTHER saga -- don't get bursitis. It is VERY painful). This skirt, purchased at Cottage Art (in Artesia, CA) for $10 got transformed into the same sort of dress seen up there on SpyGirl.

here it is hanging in its skirt incarnation

love the jingle jangles on the string tie --
unfortunately it is too weak to function properly
2 years ago, I temporarily attached it to a knit camisole with safety pins (so punk) so that it would stay up over my boobs. The spandex in the cami died from overuse (you know how that is) so I dismantled it.
Next was an attempt to thread some elastic through the channel at the waistband. FAIL.
Maybe I'll use the straps from another cami (I have plenty -- I snag the samples from work). I've got a red one that would be perfect. Hmmmmmm. A sewing project that I might actually finish!