Thursday, April 28, 2011

4-28 bling scrubs

click on image to see bigger 
SpyGirl was at the hospital
yesterday and would like to ask:
Why no foil or glitter prints
on scrubs? A little bling in
the prints would liven things up!

Lada showed up yesterday in the most insane Tee top that she'd bought in Aspen.
The glitter printed cat + horseshoe on the tie dye ground sent me reeling over the conceptual edge. (SpyGirl's take above, more later). There was bizarre text on the back that read like badly translated Japanese (alas, didn't capture it in my photo -- I'll ask Lada to scan it. Check back later, I'll add it to post).
just noticed -- no tie dye on back
The design details were strange as well.
Elastic cinched in the waist at the back.
There was a flap of fabric at the back neck that looked like facing left hanging outside or a strange truncated hood.
Did a google search on "Likerr" and Likerr, the brand, has a MySpace page! How totally 00s!
Do any of you still use MySpace?