Thursday, April 21, 2011

4-21 iHappy

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sometimes the day slips by
and you can't get everything done
and sometimes the outfit is just
so good that you must record it
and journal it the next day
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here I am standing in front of a mural on Centinela in West LA
detail scan of skirt, sox and jelly sandals
closeup of jingle jangles, mirror, beads, embroidery
tee: gift from boyfriend, maybe he got it in NYC
skirt: Indian cotton jingle jangle with rayon (or silk) trim, bells, mirrors, beads, embroidery from Cottage Art, Artesia, CA
Happy Socks
green jelly sandals purchased on Cat St in Hong Kong, 2004
scarf: mystery fiber, bought at Sanbourn's in downtown Mexico City in 90s