Sunday, June 5, 2016

52 Pick-me-up: Black & White / Destiny

What's in the cards for me as I turn 60? 
My year, according to the Destiny Cards app
Seems accurate, so far. 
I wore this Black & White ensemble on May 15, for International Fluevog Day,
John Fluevog's self-proclaimed day to celebrate his oeuvre.
Starring Fluevog Creepx that I got on deep sale in San Francisco.
Linking up with Patti's Visible Monday.
As part of the celebration, all the Fluevog stores had sales and special giveaways.
I ventured over to the Abbot Kinney branch in Venice. 
What a party!
Shoe frenzy!
Shiny! The Sparkler, released 2016
(All links are for your shopping pleasure, not affiliate).
Red Liz on left, can anyone ID the pale pink ones?
Meteor on left, Black Opposition in middle
Men's Granville
No shoes for man's best friend. Sad face.
I got into the fun and tried on dotty Propel
Lots of fab shoes, all beyond my budget.

Back home, I DID manage to get a pack of Fluevog playing cards online. With the Day's free shipping, I avoided the $8 shipping usually slapped onto $10 cards. 52 Pick-me-up, indeed!

But then on Friday my luck turned.
I was all set to photograph a Royal Flush with the Heart suit, but much to my dismay, the Queen and Jack were missing!
Oh noooooo!

I immediately did a live chat with Fluevog's online customer service.
Megan from Minneapolis was ever so helpful and a replacement deck is making it's way home.
Whew! Crisis averted!
Megan told me to use my partial deck for "craft projects".
I have the perfect idea and it involves the December 40+ Blogger Meetup. In the cards, my friends, in the cards.

Will it be my Destiny to see you in December?
Black & White / Destiny -- Link and tell!