Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tech Rant -- Instaspam

Today's rant is over the sudden proliferation of spam comments on Instagram.
They look like this:
Two of my images are currently being targeted. 

Being the Instacop that I am, I investigate the perps:
Looks like the above isn't doing so well on the "hundreds [of] followers & likes".

My first action is blocking the account: 

Next I go to the image with the comments and report each one as spam.

Here's how:
Click down on the comment and slide left, you will then see this:
The grey   ! octagon   is the reporting button. 
Tapping on it will give you some options:
You can be a good Instacop on your friends' images as well.
Left swiping will give you the Report option (but not the Trash).
Let's clean up Instagram and eliminate the Instaspam!