Sunday, June 12, 2016

52 Pick-me-up: Silver / Confusion / Clarity

This week's 52 Pick-me-up neutral is my favorite metal for self-adornment: Silver.
My rings --I wear them 24/7, they all hold memories.
Linking up with Patti's Visible Monday
I featured my rings on my (sort of) new WordPress blog, where I'm doing a June Challenge in order to get more comfortable working with the platform. I want to create an e-commerce site on it (Blogger's search is terrible and I can't add a shopping cart). It's true, if you do something every day, you get more proficient -- unless it's cleaning up clutter. I fail at that one!

Full outfit:
Roxanne gave me the top -- I've gotta admit, it's one of the more uncomfortable things I've put on my body. Metallic yarns ITCH! As you can see, I put it on over a tunic -- still the THOUGHT of it made me itchy. I'm selling it on Poshmark for $10, if you're interested. It has holes and snags. Don't I make it sound ENTICING?
Disintegration seems to be The Thing for all the silver garments here. 
My Union Bay "fauxkenstocks" are falling apart too. [Sad face]. All of a sudden, all the glue is failing -- on the straps, on the sole. Do Birkenstock's last longer than a year? Maybe it's time to upgrade to the real thing.

On a happier note, how about those leggings?
They're my own pattern, recolored from a silkscreen print that I made in the 70s. (Read more here).
Society6 had one of their better sales ($5 off, free shipping), so I pounced.
Available here, if you want to be twinsies. (Disclosure: I will get about $2.50 commission).

Time to add your neutrals!
Silver / Confusion / Clarity -- link and tell!