Sunday, May 29, 2016

52 Pick-me-up: White / Instinct


White shoes before Memorial Day! Issue me a Fashion Citation!
I call them my stompin' clompin' clogs. They combine flavors of Western, Moto, and I think a whisper of Dutch. Made by Fiorina, obtained in Hong Kong in 2004, I only recently discovered that they stay on my feet if I wear them without socks (much to the chagrin of my co-workers. These babies CLOMP).

Lets move slowly up the outfit, shall we?
My "skirt" and my leg.
Double houndstooth. Score!
The skirt is a tube of horrible 60's nylon jacquard. It's sticky and VERY synthetic feeling. I will not allow it to touch my skin. It plays nicely with my $2.99 polyester leggings obtained last summer at Jack's in NYC. 
I'm a walking symphony syntheticony.

The big picture:
Yes, I'm holding up my stomach. Ho ho ho!
No, I'm not pregnant. I'm way beyond that possibility.
I'm linking this up with Patti's Visible Monday.
Die Laughing was a store in Pasadena, from the time before Pasadena had Old Towne.
This tee saw the light of day strictly for this post. I then changed into a black tee with a message about crying. You'll have to wait until the next edition of VOGOFF to see that.
Unless you saw my #selfiesketch on various social media, that is. No, I'm not going to help you find it. 
Use your Instinct!

White / Instinct -- link and tell!