Saturday, August 8, 2015

Felt Balls

I mentioned my felt ball obsession earlier this week.

As promised, here are the felt balls I encountered in Portland in June, 2011.
Oh, wait. Those are macaroons from Pearl Bakery 
Necklace with trapped felt balls by Denise Smitherman seen at The Whole 9 Yards 
Decoration on Adrienne's sweater
Oh, sorry, more round food. Olive eaten at Nines Hotel
There were felt balls lurking on the shelves of a stationary shop (eluded capture, but seared in my memory) and a bunch at the Museum of Contemporary Craft. Where I got this felt ring:
I sketched it, I got so excited:
Along with writing down ISBN numbers of felting books that I found at Powell's.

I saved the best for last. The largest felt balls I have yet to see discovered at Una:
Now I want to go back to Portland! 
I was there only two weeks ago, but not long enough to examine the current state of the felt ball invasion.