Friday, August 14, 2015

Activate the Crazy

There is something about this tunic that seems to bring out the paranoia in some of the mentally unstable women of greater NYC. Is it the print? 

Yesterday, I was innocently waiting at a public toilet in Brooklyn (desperate times) (never made it in) when a woman who was sleeping on a nearby bench was suddenly in my face, brandishing a wooden skirt hanger (wooden skirt hanger??), yelling at me to stop messing with her, to leave her alone, etc, etc. I said nothing. She reeled off, thank goodness. I went over to Severo (he had used the men's side with no incident) who was on his phone, oblivious. We saw her rapidly retreating down the street. Severo gestured at her, and she took off running like a banshee.

Enter the time machine to a previous trip, perhaps in the summer of 2012. We were on the subway, standing, in a somewhat crowded car. Suddenly the woman sitting in front of me starts calling me a B****, to stop bothering her, etc, etc. What? 
At least no skirt hangers were involved.

I'm wearing it again today. I'll report back if any more random women yell at me. Because it's my mission to torment them, you know.