Sunday, August 23, 2015

52 Pick-me-up: Cherry / Acceptance

We have a poster girl for Cherry Week on 52 Pick-me-up:
It's Sue, of A Colorful Canvas!

Not only is she doing things with a cherry, her dress is a CHERRY PRINT! Awesome, right?
Even more amazing, she made her dress, then made a matching lanyard!
(Can you see it up there? I know, the cherry action is distracting).
Sue with Sheila in the lobby of the Blue Horizon during the Vancouver Blogger meetup
Lets get that Digital Catwalk going with Sue:

In Tori's Toolkit Workbook for Cherry Week, she has the following exercise:
Complete this sentence "I feel incomplete because ________ and when I have this I will _________."

My take:
I feel incomplete because I lack initiative to get my personal artwork done and when I have this I will feel much more fulfilled."
Procrastination. My self-inflicted bugbear.

Cherry / Acceptance -- link and tell!