Sunday, August 2, 2015

52 Pick-me-up: Crimson / Complacency / Daring

More Vancouver Meetup, the Crimson Fibres [Canadian spelling] edition.
A pile of scarves at Maiwa 
Meet Louisa of Damselfly's Delights:

Louisa took Pat [Project Minima] and me on a tour of some of her favorite fibre shops on Granville Island.
You can read all the places and get links in her post here.

Me, I'm going to show you pretty pictures of fibre art that is crimson colored.
More scarves from Maiwa
Felt balls at Maiwa. Not really crimson. But FELT BALLS people!
Oh. Sorry. You didn't know about this obsession of mine. Moving on...
Or natural and not yet dyed:
More Maiwa
Scarves at Silk Weaving Studio
Is it string or yarn --can't remember my weaving terminology. Silk Weaving Studio
We then took a bus back to the mainland, had some delicious lunch, and forged on to Dressew.
[I am slowly posting amusingly weird fabrics that I found over on my Pattern Recognition blog].
I became overwhelmed at Dresssew and had to go sit out front in a Husband Chair.
Pat eventually joined me. Louisa wore us out! We couldn't make it to the button shop.
Pat,  not disclosing her carbonated beverage, my sunglasses frames c/o Ditto [see sidebar]
So what's with all the textiles?
The chief subject for contemplation this week in Tori's Toolkit [where I'm getting the colors and key words, remember?] is diving down and recognizing and acknowledging dreams perhaps overlooked in the day to day grind. Have I ever got one -- getting my Masters in Textiles at RISD. There. I typed it. Whoa, I have the jitters. That's all I'll say for now.

Wearing crimson red, resisting complacency, being daring -- link and tell!