Wednesday, January 1, 2014

52 Pick-me-up: Closet Orphans | Ending 2013 at the Beach

Happy 2014, everyone!
Start the new year with a 52 Pick-me-up challenge. It's a weekly series that I started last June.
You can see all the prompts if you click on the menu bar tab up top.

This week, it's time to wear something old, something that you haven't worn for a year (also known as a closet orphan). You know you have such items. I do, in spades. I've got the "too small but still like" box.
I've got the "needs repair or revamp it" boxes.
I KNOW those boxes are full of things I haven't worn for a while, if ever.
Here's the one I dug around in:
I threw the contenders in a pile (yes, on the floor):
Hmmmm, that floral-paisley skirt might work
I bought this skirt at Savers in Austin in March 2012.
It was too small, but I got it anyway for the print, which I adore.
Look! If I wear it under my extremely huge turtleneck, no one can tell that it's riding up on my ribs!
(Please ignore the fact that I didn't press it and it's a wrinkled mess.)
All ready for work.
*little pink tuft necklace c/o Capwell & Co.
Ah, work on New Year's Eve. We were let out early.
Co-workers rejoice. Me, on the time clock, not so happy.
2.5 days of working will NOT pay the rent. So I didn't clock out. Maybe they'll pay me for a full day.


Through forces beyond my control (OK, in the wrong lane on the 605),
I ended up going a different way home (105 vs 60/10 through dtLA).
So I thought, why not go to the beach and do some sort of end-of-year ritual?


I always gravitate to the Playa Del Rey beach. Easy to park is reason #1.
I wanted to find a rock, write 2013 in Sharpie, and hurl it into the Pacific.
No rocks, but this piece of "beach plastic" served well:

My one-take video:

Beachy glamor shot:
*sunglasses frames c/o Ditto
Do you perform any year end rituals? (Aside from NYE parties) Do tell!

Now, back to my challenge. What can you find that you haven't worn for a year?