Monday, January 27, 2014

Making Things Better


The past week, I've been thinking about how to make 52 Pick-me-up a less stressful situation for myself. Trying to sketch on Tuesday mornings before work is not easy. As Greetje of No Fear of Fashion so kindly commented, "...remember... YOU made this list of tasks. So YOU can now: delegate, turn down (as in "sorry, won't be able after all to do this") or postpone (plan further in time). All of them options to make your life breathable again."

I've been mulling it over and here's what I've decided going forward:
The prompt for the week will last for a whole week and end at 5:30am Pacific.
The cycle is Wednesday to Wednesday.
The next prompt will go live at Wednesday mornings, as always.
The sketch will appear sometime between Thursday and Sunday.

Not too much adjustment for all that want to play along. A less rigorous sketching schedule for me. Phew!

I've had a fun time matching my scarves this week. I dug into a box of them and found a wonderful gold + brown diamond weave piece that I only vaguely remembered. I wore it last week, even though it was terribly wrinkled.

This one was in the same box, also still wrinkled:
It's hand painted silk chiffon. I can't remember who gave it to me.

Here's what I put together:
The sweater was bugging me -- too tight. I took some scissors to center front:
Aaaaah! So much better!
I wore this on Friday to qi gong class and to a scanning marathon at Otis.

Here is why I scanned at Otis:
home on the left | Otis on the right
Factor in Photoshop crashing every 3rd scan at home and you have no contest. (My scanner is so old that it only works with my feeble laptop).
I scanned 37 drawings, and I hope to slowly and steadily get them colored up.
So a week that started out badly, ended up very nicely. I found a fun new App too!
So excited!!!! Selfie from 2011 "painted" in Waterlogue
How was your week?

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