Wednesday, January 29, 2014

52 Pick-me-up: Short Over Long


Proportion play! Find something short (maybe even TOO short) and wear something long under it.
Go grunge and wear long sleeves under a tee.
Or go crazy, like I did:
I didn't start out dressing to match my scarves (like last week), but I found the perfect matchy scarves.
Short scarf over long scarf pure accident!

This was one of those outfits that started out with totally different items over the striped top and red pants.
I ended up with the above for lack of time.

I felt like this (which I've posted before, but it bears repeating):
Sporting the drop-crotch trend at such an early age!
My red and white scarf has a special past:
Dolls of the World Kenya Barbie, 1994
photo source: Barbie Collector
I designed it for Kenya Barbie and purloined some sample fabric!
This is one of my early digital print designs, that I worked up in U4ia (expensive proprietary software which Lectra now calls something else). The printing on the polyester base cloth shows equally on both sides, and it works well for both Barbie's cape and my scarf.
[Apologies for the wretched photo. Will replace with a better one tomorrow.]
Here's another short over long idea:
At my art reception, 3/31/2013
I now have the distinction of being "that crazy girl on Facebook", as described by one of Severo's old pals.

Special shout-out to Megan Mae and Keely, 
who first gave me the idea for this prompt, from their Fashion Challenge series.

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