Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Where In the World: LACMA // Layer Up: Cropped over Long

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Layer Up:
rayon/silk Tibetan scarf
tee from work
Desigual skirt
poly chiffon skirt that I made
Deborah and I had a field trip to LACMA to see the Rodarte / Fra Angelico "exhibition"
LACMA sure mislead us in their promotional materials on this one! I thought it was going to be the entire Sp/Sum 2012 collection (which Rodarte is donating to the museum). NOT. It was a few pieces in the middle of the Italian Renaissance gallery, with nary a Fra Angelico to be seen. Sheesh. Of course couldn't take photos of the gowns and I came prepared with a sketchbook. A very very tiny sketchbook. Oops. (It was so cute when I saw it at Staples).
did more sketches, but they are TOO SMALL
I can hardly tell what things are myself
after studying the gowns,
we looked at the pieces on the walls
had no memory of all the patterns and texture
on the art of this era
we are going to return with our better cameras --
only had the iPhone
we then scoured the 3rd floor for more eye candy
and wound up in the Decorative Arts section
sometimes this stuff is too over the top for me,
but it was perfect for our mood at the time
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