Wednesday, February 22, 2012

365 project update

link to Pose post
If you're my contact on Facebook (personal, not SpyGirl page), Instagram, Twitter (@annembray) or Pose, you have been getting the daily feed of my 365 project: "365 Days of Jewelry" If not, and you were hoping to see it on Flickr, um, sorry about that -- I'm WAY behind on my Flickr uploading.

I just took a bunch of screenshots from Pose, thinking I'd do a big recap for the however many days [I'm not counting] I've been at it. I changed my mind -- it would make this post gigantic. Here are the most recent five days:
Some thoughts I have about Pose and my process on this project:

The app is still very clunky. HATE that I can't delete misfires (see upper earring shot that I accidentally tagged as a "romper" and then accidentally hit the done button. I ran into a room with no phone coverage - not difficult at my house! - so that it wouldn't upload but it uploaded at work anyway. Grrrrr). Tagging items is difficult with my fat fingers and slow 3G phone service. Wish it was available for iPad. Uploads are not all in chronological order. I will carry on using it, despite all this. Maybe it'll improve during the course of the year...

iPhone photography:
I got a macro lens that I absolutely adore and that's very helpful for capturing tiny items and details on rings. I wish there was a lens for close-but-not-macro (and if you know of one, please share!). A lot of the bracelets and larger pins + earrings are out of focus. On work days, it's still dark in the morning, so the images have suffered from low contrast. Sometimes I process the images in the PS Express app though that sometimes backfires, making things too pixellated.

Aesthetics + process:
My jewelry styling is improving, it's been a good learning process. The best part of this, BY FAR, is going through my piles of jewelry and scarves! I've been cruising down memory lane big time -- I'm on the memory interstate! Most of my backgrounds are scarves, textiles or objects from the shops, locations or era of the jewelry piece. I see a whole bunch of blog posts fomenting. With the ethnic pieces, I've been trying to research their origins. I recently shot a necklace on a mudcloth textile, thinking they were both from Mali and then discovered that the necklace is from a tribe in northern Kenya. Oops! Scrap that one... here's the shot I won't use:

In summery, so far, so good.
I'll update you again in a month or so...