Thursday, February 23, 2012

Threads and Surfaces: Heather from The Style Confessions™

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Finally! Another Fashion Icon is done for the Threads and Surfaces sketchbook.

Heather is my fashion blogger muse. I have written about her before. She HAD to be on the next spread of pages and I felt very pressured to do a good sketch. You see, she is a GREAT fashion illustrator, so I needed to do my best.
This pose is derived from this photo on her blog. I love that whole shoot -- it is so moody! Heather's husband Hugo is her photographer and does a fantastic job. Go check it out.

The art exhibition that I'm supposed to be concurrently working on with these same illustrations has now changed themes to my old abstract pattern work. I was stressing out (still nothing is finished and the show hangs in exactly 61 days) and I didn't want to have to rush through the pieces to get them completed in time. I want to have fun with them! So, the Fashion Icon art exhibition will now happen in Spring 2013 at the same time as LA Fashion Week. We'll have a fun private fashionista party at TAG Gallery in Santa Monica! [To get on the list, leave a comment below or subscribe to my newsletter and tick the fashion option].