Saturday, December 24, 2011

Spygirl wants you to meet: The Style Confessions™

from "Ravishing Red"
©2011 The Style Confessions™
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The Style Confessions™ is written by my dear friend Heather, who is one of my most stylish friends. Even when she was on an angel mission -- 9am, dropping me off at the hospital in Torrence, her son sick in the back seat -- she was STILL pulled together and chic. (I often feel disheveled in her presence yet she tells me I look great. What a pal!)

Heather's goal is to show that women over 40 need not dress like frumps in their comfortable stretchy garments. That yes, we can do better! With a little intention, it IS possible to look good AND one doesn't have to spend a fortune to get there. Heather clearly shows that the extra effort is worth it. 
I love reading her commentary, she writes very well. Creative, beautiful, talented, genuine -- I can't think up enough superlatives.
Her husband Hugo does most of the photography for her and he is a genius with light. The settings are always interesting. I mean -- look at that photo up there -- she is sitting in one of those plastic garden chairs! 

You must go visit The Style Confessions™, you will want to read every post, I promise you.

Heather doesn't (yet) know that I wrote this. This is my "thank you" to her for all the inspiration that she has given me. Mwah!

Note: I wrote this in response to the "IFB Project #27: Feature Another Blogger" Click here to read others' responses.