Sunday, August 30, 2015

52 Pick-me-up: Honey / Service / Loyalty

Did you enjoy seven weeks of RED? We will now embark on seven weeks of ORANGE.

Is "Honey" an orange color? That's debatable. I worked myself into such a tizzy this week over "What color is honey anyway?" (I even started a link-up over on the blog I manage for my gallery, to try to get some input from fine artists. Which nobody but myself has linked to, btw). I had a similar problem back in June, when I was selecting ALL the colors to put in the dots (you can see my handiwork on the 52 Pick-me-up page, which has the entire year of color prompts). Faced with HONEY, why exactly I choose a color that looks more like Naples Yellow? I don't remember.

Last Sunday at the local Farmers' Market, I kept my eye out for the honey vendors:
I realized a few minutes ago [well, now more than an hour], as I was working on the above image, if I suspend my preconceived notions of "honey color" and isolate that patch of color in the left side photo, to the left of the label, it IS orange! OMG! Lightbulb moment! And then that patch of fiery color in the Honey Bear, top right, ANOTHER ORANGE! [But then, looking forward, I also had to define "amber" and "topaz" for the YELLOW weeks. Aaaaaargh! OK. I'll stop nerding out on color. It's exhausting and it's too hot here in my unairconditioned house in SoCal].

Let's all take a deep breath, count to ten, exhale slowly.
Ah. Better.

So, before I fell down the HONEY rabbithole this morning, I had decided to feature "The Adventures of Melanie's Palette Pendant", which is full of all sorts of colors, maybe even "honey".
Here, with some of my other Vancouver Meet-up loot:
Melanie's works: appliqued on the giant tee-dress, the Palette Pendant, the CHAOS luggage tag, and the badge graphic.
All gifts.
Here it's paired with its mate, currently residing in Chicago with Pao.
[I can't remember who took this photo]
Here at the Getty. It kept flapping and flipping to the blank side, requiring constant adjusting. Very annoying.
(sunglasses' frames courtesy of Ditto)
"Hmmmm. Maybe the jump ring will fit on the Endless necklace." 
[See this previous post on how the Endless Jewelry Wrap Bracelet became a necklace]
Indeed it does!
Leather Wrap and small charms courtesy of Endless Jewelry
I wore it all day last Thursday, and I only removed it when I was in the car.

And then, circling back to the Naples Yellow Honey color issue there is the Orange Paisley Tunic!
With some (possibly) honey-color tortoise sunglasses that I'm selling on Poshmark!
I bought the Persol sunglasses back in the 90s.
My optometrist couldn't pop out the lenses to put my prescription in, so time to release them.
Let me tell you, all this searching for honey is making me feel like Winnie-the-Pooh.

Honey / Service / Loyalty, link and tell!