Tuesday, November 19, 2019

The Highs and Lows of Online Secondhand Shopping

On Saturday, I experienced the distaff sides of online shopping.
Two packages, two distinct experiences.

The first that I tore into came from Suzanne Carillo's VintageBySuzanne Etsy Shop.
Look! It's a present!
Suzanne blogged about this item and as soon as I read her words "it’s just not my vibe" I pounced.
Cool buttons!
It is my vibe it most certainly!

Package number two: Fluevog Supervog Safety Oxfords, purchased on eBay.
A "smile" greeted me as I opened the envelope
(Yes, I paid $14 postage for shoes wedged into a tyvek shipping envelope without any padding).
This was not a happy smile to see:
[Thinks to self: On noooooo. Expensive cobbler repair. Let's see how they fit].
[On dear. They were very large looking].
Advertised as Size 7.5, they were MEN's 7.5.
10" footbed - 1.5" too long! And both shoes have the sole splitting issue in front.
Damn. They are really pretty (albeit heavy) shoes.
Comparing sizes: a shoe that fits, a shoe that doesn't.
I went back online to check the photos of the listing to see if I'd overlooked the flaws, and to see how the sizing had been described, but the detail photos and additional description [which I didn't know about before. EBay newbie, me] were gone.
I asked for a refund and was issued a purchase price refund, without the shipping. So perhaps this is how the seller makes his money? I don't know. I messaged the seller to see if he wanted them returned, crickets.
I guess their destiny is my Poshmark shop. Sigh.

Have you experienced any online shopping highs or lows? Do tell!

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