Tuesday, October 15, 2019

SpyGirl: The Case of the Mistaken Identity

Melissa thought she was going to visit Anne Bray at the stARTup Art Fair in Houston at the Hotel Icon. She found it curious that during their most recent phone conversation, Anne hadn't mentioned that she'd be in Houston. "Well, I'll just go surprise her," she thought.

She got me instead! Anne M Bray! It's all in the M, folks.
I had to start deploying my middle initial when I learned of my name double, who is also based in LA.
There is also Anna Bray.
We A Brays are legion! Well, legion in LA, anyway. Haha.

Melissa and I had a great meeting of the minds.
It was probably my best experience of mistaken identity!
Melissa is a professional photographer, as you can see from this great portrait:
StARTup Art Fair Houston was a grand experience. Maybe you caught some of my Instagram posts.
There's a great video interview posted on Facebook shot by Ray Beldner, the fair director (which I don't know how to post anywhere besides Facebook. Sorry. It was one of those Facebook Live things).
I'll be writing more about it on the On the Edge blog eventually.
Right now I'm supposed to be doing my taxes and then go to the day job.
Reality bites.

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