Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Todd Oldham Jean Jacket

What happens when you see the origins of your favorite patterned jean jacket?
You go a little bit insane, that's what.

The Todd Oldham All Is Everything exhibition at the RISD Museum had examples of all the components:
Todd Oldham, Pantone Dress, Spring 1996 | Todd Oldham, Pantone Print, Collage, 1996 
Detail of Pantone chip collage
The jacket is a double printed denim, with the Pantone print on the outside, and a tufted upholstery print on the inside:
The original "Tuft" garments were in the exhibition as well:

And that's not all!
Back at Patucci and Mark's place, a similar vintage wallpaper was in a panel of the armoire next to my bed!
Pattern heaven, my friends, pattern heaven.

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