Sunday, May 22, 2016

52 Pick-me-up: Grey / Release / Remission

If there was a word that jumped out at me this week for 52 Pick-me-up, it had to be Remission
That word takes on a huge presence when one has had a brush with cancer.
Cancer patient, doctor, nurse, caregiver, friend -- it is the hope at the end of treatment.
I AM currently in Remission
Where was I six years ago? 

Pages from my journal, 5/25/10: 
I was WAITING! Waiting in lines, waiting for appointments, waiting to hear results -- lots and lots of waiting.
I took a sketchbook along to help pass the time. It was a godsend. 

What triggered this trip down memory lane?
The "grey item of clothing" search that lead me to this Stussy shirt:
It's still a cool print, and the fabric is a soft sanded cotton.
It's missing some buttons though, so onto Repair Mountain it goes.
This shirt became my post-surgery shirt (twice). Roomy, soft, and turned inside out, the pockets can hold drains!

Today, I put it together with some grey lounge pants and my trusty old clogs:
Reenactment of my Harbor/UCLA Hospital appointment look.
And that's my story of Grey / Release / Remission.
What's your's? Link and tell!