Tuesday, September 15, 2015

52 Pick-me-up: Amber / Passion, Part 2

Patti's Visible Monday is back in session, the epitome of a Passion project. Patti certainly inspired me to start my own weekly link-up, though I'm more restrictive and feel the need to have a theme. This week on 52 Pick-me-up, we're going with the color AMBER and the word PASSION.

I told you about my latest creative passion yesterday (shoemaking), today I give you a shirt with amber
(and honey and rust and olive):
It's a Kikit by Maurice Sasson shirt, remember that brand? A gem from Larry's stash that fits.

I wouldn't say that the amber Pantone chip (in middle) gives a sense of the fiery glow that I think of when I think of Amber the gemstone. "Honey" and "Amber" were some of the more difficult colors for me to define with a paper chip. I did Google Image searches, took screenshots (trapped on my broken iMac. Could replicate here on the laptop but too lazy).
Some beautiful earrings came up in a Poshmark feed yesterday that shows it better:
Amber Clip-on Earrings on Poshmark
Yeah! AMBER!
Linking up with Visible Monday.

Wearing anything Amber? Have a Passion for something or someone?
Link and tell!