Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fashion Challenge: Tribal Floral #OOTD

"Tribal" is a vague insensitive catch-all adjective that the fashion industry is using for this season's ethnic inspired prints. When I hear "tribal", what first comes to mind to me are black and white/off-white geometrics. Which lead me this morning to to my shopping cart full of treasure gleaned last Friday from Larry's trove of archives.
He had about ten garbage bags that we sorted through. It was exhausting!
[I'll tell you more about that later.]
Alas, the tribal shift was too small.
But, I found this in the cart too!
A Polynisian print muumuu!
Polynesian = "tribal" in my book PLUS it's floral.
Score two points in today's Fashion Challenge.
Ummmm, ready for the luau...
I chopped off the top and turned it into a skirt.
And look, yesterday's plaid shirt has returned!
It's a mock ikat, which also qualifies as "tribal"