Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Chakra Wisdom Oracle with Tori Hartman

Last Friday I had the opportunity to meet with author Tori Hartman to hear about her 
Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards and Toolkit
gifts from Tori 
It was a really interesting session. There were four of us around a glass table on her back patio. Tori told us her story, we told ours, and then we did a couple of fun exercises involving our intuition. Tori suggested that I begin by working with the Heart Chakra/ Green exercises in her Toolkit book. When I got home, I was inspired to clear off my bedside shelf and make myself a green zone:
Finally a use for the jumbo Pantone postcards that I bought a couple of years ago!
Those of you that play my 52 Pick-me-up challenge -- get ready for a colorful year! 
The new prompts will be published by July 5.

Get a taste of what the Oracle cards say here.

From her website:
Thursday June 11, 2015 - Tori appears at Barnes & Noble at The Grove
Do you live in Los Angeles or the surrounding areas?
If you do…we have fantastic news! Tori Hartman will be making her first ever appearance at the famous Barnes & Noble location at The Grove in LA.
Not only will she be signing copies of her card deck and meeting everyone, she’ll also be doing a workshop where you’ll get a mini-reading with the cards and intuitively experience her technique.
As the bestselling author of the Chakra Wisdom Oracle card deck, Tori’s events are always fun-filled with activities and exercises to empower you to tap into your intuition in ways you’ve never done before!
Through teaching her simple techniques, she has helped thousands of people to start businesses, do their Masters Degree, live a healthier lifestyle, write books, and even find the love of their life.
So head over to Barnes & Noble on June 11 at 7pm so that you don’t miss out on this FREE intuitive experience!
Date: Thursday June 11, 2015
Time:  7:00pm
Location: 189 The Grove Drive Suite K 30, Los Angeles, CA 90036
Cost: FREE
For more information, you can also visit Barnes & Noble's event page HERE

Full disclosure: I was gifted a set of the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards and Toolkit. No affiliate links are in this post.