Thursday, April 23, 2015

SpyGirl Watches: L.A. Frock Stars -- Quest for that Special Dress

Tonight the final episode of Season 2 of L.A. Frock Star airs on the Smithsonian Channel at 9pm.
Where did the time go? This past week has been super crazy and I posted my One to Watch on social media via Instagram but never got the time to write up a blog post.

Here is my One to Watch from episode five, Quest for that Special Dress, Lauren Thompson, the director of L.A. Frock Stars.

Link for the video clip.

I'll post the sketch from tonight's episode as soon as I get it done on Instagram like I did with the above. I can't predict WHEN that will happen. I've got a lot of last minute stuff to do for my art exhibition that went up last Sunday. The opening reception is this Saturday, 5-8pm at TAG Gallery, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica (details here). What on earth will I wear?

I was given access to screeners of all six episodes of Season 2 back in February. 
The above verbiage is all mine.