Sunday, April 26, 2015

52 Pick-me-up: Forget-me-not

mako "forget-me-nots" on Flickr
Dainty forget-me-not flowers: blue and yellow or purple and yellow or pink and yellow or white and yellow -- this week's 52 Pick-me-up inspiration. Or take the concept "forget me not" and go with that.
I was wracking my brain over the blue/yellow thing until my eyes landed on my OP tee that I got at Ross in Mesa, AZ in 2000.

I'm reposting a section of my "About" page that features said tee:

I started SpyGirl as an art project in fake journaling in 2010.
My SpyGirl avatar
Here's the story about how I found her.
I now have fully embraced and joined the world of Fashion blogging.
SpyGirl is my live Fashion Art performance piece, broadcasted via this blog.

I post outfit photos:
"Hello from the side of my house in western Los Angeles!"
and sketches:
Here I am in the same outfit but looking like a supermodel
Linking my stripes up with Whitney's Create 28 Lovely Spring Looks.
Also linking with ::My Closet Catalogue:: because TARDIS blue.

Have fun with this one -- I've had an exhausting week, how about you?
If all else fails, link any old post! Forget ye not!
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