Sunday, April 5, 2015

52 Pick-me-up: Fresh Fruits

Feeling fruity?
I'm wearing the forbidden one -- the apple!
Freedy Johnston band tee for that farmstead feel
Scarf, socks, skirt:
My lap at lunchtime, setup for a #tinyplanet photo
Note "Pop of Pink" socks for linking with Create 28 Lovely Spring Looks
Fruits does not only refer to food.
There is also FRUiTS, a 90's Japanese Harajuku streetstyle magazine created by Shoichi Aoki.
FRUiTS the magazine spawned a couple of books, I have both:

In my Google perambulations, I discovered there is a current FRUiTS Facebook Page.
YES! My people!

I've given you a wide range of choices for your 52 Pick-me-up contribution this week.
Go wild!
Then link and tell!

I'll be linking with Patti's Visible Monday later today.