Monday, March 23, 2015

Are You Ready for the Return of Enid?

Enid's journal was left only half filled last year.
Leather-bound blank journal a gift from my brother (yay Randy!) 
Ducks in Paisley scarf a gift from Connie 
I'm doubling down and combining TWO April blogging events:
International Fake Journal Month 
Blogging from A to Z 

I've been brainstorming during #myshittycommute
(this particular session was for my upcoming show at TAG)
and am STILL not sure EXACTLY what Enid will post every day.
(IFJM "rules" stipulate creating the fake entries on the actual day. Enid is a bit of a wild card).

I'm lining up her inspiration and I promise it shall be alphabetically entertaining!
All I can say at this point is, it will have something to do with scarves.
A dance of the 26 veils, if you will.

Miz Bag has granted her approval

It's not too late to join in the madness!

Read about how to join IFJM here.

Sign up here for Blogging A to Z (900+ blogs listed so far!)

ps: I had NO IDEA that this would be SCARF WEEK on 52 Pick-me-up when I wrote this post.
How fortuitous!