Sunday, March 15, 2015

52 Pick-me-up: Baroque and LAFC

This week's theme is Baroque. I am WAY more interested in posting about the two days I spent at the Fall 15 presentations staged by the Los Angeles Fashion Council last Tuesday and Wednesday. Let's see how I can get this to work. defines baroque as:
"Something baroque is overly ornate, like a paisley red velvet jacket with tassels, or music that has a lot going on and might include a harpsichord. Anything with a complicated design can be baroque but it also refers to a style of art, music, and architecture from 17th Century Italy (and is then sometimes capitalized). Although it has roots in the Portuguese word barroco meaning "imperfect pearl" not everything baroque is imperfect. Caravaggio and Rubens are considered baroque painters, and baroque composers include Vivaldi, Bach, and Handel. Although rococo and baroque both describe something over-the-top, sticklers will save baroque for something with heft and use rococo for lighter designs, like that velvet jacket. Historically, Rococo comes after the Baroque period."

One of the first people that I ran into when I arrived was Glenda, from So What to Twenty.
My hair (by Nancy) and makeup (by Christopher) c/o Glam Squad
photo by Freddy Harrison
Even though we had only met online, I knew it was her immediately!
Over the two days, we had some lovely chats while waiting for shows to start.
I think an Inland Empire blogger meet-up (including Maricel) is in our future!

That golden prism wall piece made an excellent backdrop for many a portrait those two days.
That's Paris Hatcher of Where Sexy Meets Classy and Traci Mari Smith of Just Mariklo.
Still trying to ID the guys.
Baroque is a good adjective for Michael Ngo's presentation entitled Shinobi Ballroom
Ngo was inspired by Willi Ninja and the LGBT Ballroom scene of the late 80s.

Johnny Rice and Anthony Garza aka The Kiss Boyz
A quote lifted from Michael:
"I envisioned the lovechild of strength & elegance and the battle between reality & fantasy—who you are and who chose to be. Finding strength, beauty and bravery by channeling your inner warrior is my mission. I want to empower the wearers of my collection with contrasting worlds of smooth and textured; evening and street; and elegant and edginess. These ideals will be conveyed through my relentless addiction to structure and eye for detail.
With the beauty & grace of a geisha and the strength & stealth of a ninja, you can triumph over struggle & opposition and defiantly dance into the moonlight.
You own the night.
You are your own SHINOBI."

Check out Michael's video:

Did I go baroque enough?
Add your own baroque-inspired links!

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