Sunday, March 8, 2015

52 Pick-me-up: International Women's Day, Week

So what could be a better way to celebrate International Women's Day (today, March 8) than booking my room in Vancouver, BC for a blogger meet-up this summer?
Our hostess Suzanne Carillo is putting together a meet-up of INTERNATIONAL SUPERSTARS!
I will finally meet some of my muses (Melanie, SueTrina, Tami, Sheila, Pat, Ally, Charlotte -- I'm looking at you) and reconvene with Patti, Bella, Val, and Natalia. (Bella and Val -- would it help you decide if you had a ride up there? I might just drive it! I promise to refrain from taking photos while driving if you are passengers).

Here is the list so far (lifted from Suzanne's page):

Melanie – Bag and a Beret 
Sue – A Colourful Canvas
Patti – Not Dead Yet
Sylvia – 40+Style
Bella – The Citizen Rosebud (t)
Greetje – No Fear of Fashion
Trina – Tea Time With Trina
Dawn – Fashion Should Be Fun
Tami – Thrift Shop Commando
Sheila – Ephemera
Pat – Project Minima 
Natalia – In The Writer’s Closet
Val – Muse Fondue (t)
Ally – Shybiker
Lana – Two Teens and Their Mama
Jennifer – A Well Styled Life
Charlotte – Sublime Mercies
Mrs. C – Mrs. Jack of all Trades (t)
Louisa – Damselfly’s Delights
Gaylen – G Marie
Anne – Spy Girl
Shawna – The Director Of Awesome
Tiina -Elegance Revisited
Jodi – Day 2 Day Wear
Oh the fun we shall have!

In lieu of lots of gifts (but how can we resist???) we will be doing a clothing swap.
Since I'm half-heartedly culling my closet, I've already pulled some potential gems:

[Late add]
The meeting of SpyGirl and Citizen Rosebud, May 20, 2014:
We got the Pattern Max memo
It's a Visible Monday week chez Patti, you'll see me there!

Have anything special in mind for celebrating Int'l Women's Day/ Week/ Month?
Link and tell!