Sunday, April 21, 2013

Gluttony in Little India

We INTENDED to go poppy gazing in Lancaster...
But all reports said there were none (not enough rain)
So we assuaged our disappointment with a trip to Artesia, aka Little India.

I wore orange, for the missing poppies
Deborah wore turquoise, you saw her earlier in the week on my Digital Catwalk.

We rendezvoused at Jay Bharat, as we always do (easy parking in back).
our choices
This was our first time trying Chat Puri -- YUM!
Patra is full of aromatic spices and is served with Tamarind + Cilantro sauces
Lada introduced us to Dhokla -- chick pea flour cake sprinkled with coconut, mustard seeds, cilantro, and chile.
More cilantro sauce on the side.
No photos of the rest of our meal -- got too busy eating and talking!

Part 2 will cover our postprandial shopping...
I'm linking this up with Patti's Visible Monday, because I can.