Monday, April 22, 2013

Gluttony in Little India: Shopping

In Part 1 of Gluttony in Little India, I showed you some of what Deborah, her husband David and I ate at Jay Bharat.

Now, let's shop!

We always stop at Cottage Art.
On my last visit, I saw these vintage purses. I had to get one this time before they were all gone: 
Mirrors, cowrie shells, silver tassels, embroidery, pattern mixing... LOVE
We usually venture no further than the one block of Pioneer Blvd between 187th and 186th. Call us lazy.

There are many sari shops, ranging from fancy encrusted wedding ensembles to more quotidian styles. New-to-us is Sahara Vintage Boutique, which has a huge array of tunics, scarves, saris and even some household goods (why didn't I get the cute yellow orange squeezer? WHY?) All items have been donated and a percent of the proceeds benefit the Sahara organization, which helps battered women in the SoCal South Asian community.
There was way too much to choose from...
Tunic too small (curse you fat arms).
Tie dye pattern caught with trusty iSpyPhone
Another too small tunic, grrrrrr.
Don't you love the beaded tassels?
New scarf -- I never have size issues with scarves
New sari, which I'll probably refashion into a tunic.
It has a transparent black/white windowpane plaid with strips of printed cotton (more solid white ground area at bottom)
only $10!
Here's the scarf from the ensemble that FINALLY fit...
3-piece set: tunic, scarf, and pants for $15!!!
Styling experiment #1 -- too matchy matchy.
Maybe what I'll wear for the OTIS Benefit rehearsal on May 4th...
What I wore to teach in on Saturday -- you can't see the orange skirt/dress that I'm wearing underneath.
One of the things I love about living in Los Angeles are all the ethnic enclaves.
We are able to (almost) travel the would, without leaving the LA basin.