Friday, April 26, 2013

Digital Catwalk -- World Intellectual Property Day Edition: Natasha

"World Intellectual Property Day is observed on April 26 each year with a variety of events and activities worldwide. It aims to increase people’s awareness and understanding of intellectual property (IP). World Intellectual Property Day is sometimes referred as World IP Day." [source, read more]

What is  intellectual property?
That would be be anyone's original material -- art, designs, writing, inventions, etc.
Facebook, Pinterest, and Tumblr are three sites that I use that tend to abuse creators' IP rights -- often without malicious intent, but more from ignorance and/or laziness (yes, I'm guilty too).
Please -- if the item doesn't link back to its original source, "Like" vs "Share" "Repin" or "Reblog"

Here's a previous post that explains how to find image sources in Google Images Search.