Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Date With the Bangles

Our good friend Derrick Anderson [WARNING this link has sound] plays bass with The Bangles. They headlined a free show in Pershing Square, in downtown LA on Saturday night. Time for another date night out on the town!
Derrick put us on "the list" so we were able to sit in VIP chairs.
We sat in the second row!
Derrick, the man Bangle, or, Mangle

Debbi, Vicki, Susanna, and part of Derrick
They are awed by my brilliance!
photo by Patria, who is a wonderful singer/songwriter
We then all went over to see Derrick's room that he was given at the Biltmore.
Patria styled an impromptu photo session with Derrick and his bass
The next album cover?
Thanks, Derrick, for a fun, fun night!

My outfit, one more time:
Neon yellow, red, and paisley -- can't get more Visible than this!
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