Monday, July 9, 2012

Print Max, in which I match my breakfast #OOTD

First of all, I wasn't planning to post my outfit today. It seemed a bit frivolous in my current frame of mind. I was going to post more stuff from the 70s --  that's where my head is, and that's where I'm staying for the rest of the month thankyouverymuch.

But then, while I was finishing up my bowl of quinola, I looked down and saw this:
Well, it was a good laugh and I had to share.
Why, I could roll around on the floor (70s linoleum) eating my hippie breakfast, and be very RETRO!
Here I am looking annoyed.
"Ahhhh noooo sun! Gimme July Gloom!"
Uh oh. Remember what they say about "the girl with the curl"...
Well, The Google was no help on this -- was it Ogden Nash?
Patti found the rhyme, by Longfellow. Thanks Patti!

Here is the image I was going to originally post.
It's me in spring of 74, from my year book.
I'm eating dessert (ice cream). Some things don't change.
1974 was one of my years of shining brightly.
I graduated high school, and drove across the US to attend the College of Creative Studies at UC Santa Barbara.
Extreme visibility!
More here, in Patti's Visible Monday.