Thursday, July 5, 2012

July Gloom - #OOTD

Perhaps you've heard of June Gloom. It's a weather condition in SoCal. A layer of low clouds lurks along the coast, usually burning off midday. It's supposed to be prevalent in June.

I have a big case of July Gloom and Mother Nature seems to be in sync.
I also refuse to use an iron.

That's a "new" chemise that you see. I refurbished a strappy dress I'd made that was too tight in the bust.

My pal Anita is hosting a 20s theme party and dressing up is de rigueur. I thought this would do, but now I'm having second thoughts. I think it needs to be a shorter chemise (maybe with a band at hem) with an additional gathered dropwaist underskirt.
I still have a lot of fabric left over to match the jacket, since I made that from a sari.  I've got until Saturday.

Here I am, practicing some flapper poses accessorized with my chemo wig and Norma Kamali oxfords.
I obviously need some hosiery.
I'll give you details about the jacket later. It's made from two 25 x 50" rectangles and is SUPER easy to sew!