Saturday, December 10, 2011

fashion challenge: neutrals - pop color saturday

Saturday of the neutrals fashion challenge, hosted by Megan + Keely
I had great plans to do a red outfit with a pop color of hot pink but I will save that for a later day.
Instead, here's what I wore on my expedition to the beach to watch the lunar eclipse:

the coat from monday
tibetan wool hat, got on haight st in SF
pale celadon mystery fiber scarf, got in 90s in providence
grey cotton/spandex lounge pants from work
metal capped-toe clogs
not shown:
blue + green mohair sweater, thrifted in culver city
under that, navy cashmere sweater --
because it was 45 and we are wimps in soCal
grey ragg wool fingerless gloves
the ramp for the lifeguard shack
made a handy support for night-time shooting
used an old danish schoolbag for my camera bag
there's the moon over my shoulder!

while I was standing here,
the Beach Patrol stopped by to see what I was up to
I was afraid he was going to make me get off the beach
(are we allowed on the beach at night? I think so...)
I explained there was an eclipse going on. he wasn't aware of it.

see more moon pix here on my glutton blog

as it got brighter, the moon disappeared in the west
I lingered to watch the sunrise
here's a PhotoBooth shot that sort of shows the colors in the sweater
plus some really attractive hat hair

various cameras, not including iPhone
I dragged out my old manual Pentax SLR, in case I ran out the batteries in my digital devices. Of course the battery was totally dead in that too, so I winged it on slow settings. The camera is horribly heavy, but oh, the sensations of winding the film, clicking, hearing the shutter noise... it brought back memories. I shot two rolls of film. Hope I can find a lab to process them.

Thus concludes the week of the Neutrals Challenge. It was a blast! Thank you Megan + Keely!