Thursday, December 8, 2011

fashion challenge: neutrals - cognac thursday

Thursday of the neutrals fashion challenge, hosted by Megan + Keely

What the heck is "cognac"
Brown? I already did brown.
I started with wine and mixed it up with caramel. Yum.

Wow! My coat closet is like having my own personal thrift store!
I completely forgot that I had this.
Make that had no idea that it existed!

vintage camel's hair coat
leopard chiffon scarf - 80s rosemary brantley
wine turtleneck - land's end
floral print rayon shorts - 90s leon max
wine leggings - work sample
wool stripe knee sox
burgundy mary jane clogs

leopard collar and silver rings



print mix
I will do another post on this coat later. You need to see how the whole collar looks without a scarf covering it up. It's an amazing piece. AND it fits!