Monday, February 6, 2012

Austin Advent -- Quack's 43rd Street Bakery

Did you know I'm going to the TxSC fashion conference in Austin, TX next month? You didn't? I am!
SpyGirl's first conference! In one of her favorite cities! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!! 

> deep breath <

In anticipation, I'm going to create an online advent "calendar" with posts every day about my favorite places in Austin. These will run in no particular order. Shopping, food, landmarks... whatever brings me fond memories of the city.

Let's start with Quack's Bakery:
on the north side of town (map) 411 E. 43rd St. • Austin, TX • 78751

great coffee, great baked goods 
and probably free wi-fi

the salty oat cookie:
we get a dozen to take home + freeze
colossal lemon merengue cupcakes
there is lemon curd inside

Quack's makes the best lemon bars too