Saturday, March 18, 2023

Pockets, Pockets, Pockets

 Shelbee and Nancy had a Good Buy/ Goodbye theme of "Combat Pants" this past month and I totally missed the boat.

Because she said COMBAT PANTS! There are CARGO pants and there are Safari tops with lots of Cargo Pockets and Cargo Pockets on Combat Pants, and, well, it's all about the pockets! Is it just Fashion copy writers rebranding Cargo things Combat things? Because everything old becomes "new" with a different name? OK, OK, I'll stop being BOMBastic (haha).

A print that I made in 1999 of our group that went on safari in Tanzania, Fall 1998

I DO have a safari shirt, with very cool details:

(which can't be seen in this photo)
The brand is Saint Germain, it's made of washed silk, has velcro for shoulder pads, and all that screams 1988 to me.

I bought this secondhand in Providence, RI.
It's cool, but not my thing.

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