Saturday, May 29, 2021

#thevintagefashionchallenge Day 28: Something Changed

 I turn 65 in 5 days (but who's counting? haha).

When I think about the beginning of my vintage and used clothing journey, and where I am now...
Things have changed.

If I remember correctly, my first Vintage purchases were a 50's 16-gored Mexican skirt and a 40's style plaid dress. I got them at a church tag sale in Troy NY. They cost under a dollar! I was 14.
Those were my days of a fit and flair silhouette. And those days lasted for about 35 years.

And Then Something Changed: my body!

Goodbye breasts!
Hello stomach!

It took me a while to get comfortable in my new shape.
A lot of those experiments happened here on SpyGirl.

I'm happy in my skin.
Sad about all the skirts that don't work as skirts any more.
My pile of refashioning remains high.
Not giving up.


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