Sunday, August 2, 2020

Obstacle Course Project

I started a fun online sewing workshop with Hadley Clark called Obstacle Course.
Little did I realize how prescient that title became!

Hadley gave us a list of 25 potential items or processes to use and we were supposed to use at least 6.
I decided to combine two Indian skirts and make a dress.
I think the fact that I was experimenting "beyond the rectangle" (not making a loose tunic) was one of my big hurdles.

My concept was to make a dress in the style of peasant blouses that I used to make in the '70s.
Hard to see it, I'm wearing one of my creations.
I was doing it from memory. Mistake #1!
Why didn't I Google one?
[source] This would have been helpful!
First fitting:
neckline too low! too wide!
Second fitting:
not yet sewn - totally held together with safety pins
Third fitting, after stitching:
way, way, WAY too tight!
I require a better gusset.
The seam ripper will become my BFF this month.
Yes, my August sewing challenge is to continue working on this.
I refuse to give up on it!

How did I do with the Purple/ Green sari upcycle that I was planning to complete for July?
Nothing. I did nothing.

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