Sunday, July 5, 2020

One Monthly Goal July

What is my sewing goal for July?

It's time to revisit (and hopefully complete) my very bright tie dye tunic that is fashioned from a secondhand sari. I became stalled on the removal of beads from the neckline. Or some sort of sewing mishap - sewing and trimming on the wrong side or some such.

Oh yes. It's all coming back to me. I found the photos. 
The moment I realized I trimmed the wrong section of seam allowance. 
I wanted to wrap the inner allowance over the layer underneath and stitch it down on the outside of the shoulders.
I gave up a year ago! There is one of those mirrored flowers at a shoulder seam.
The mirrors are glued on and I need to work around it somehow.
How things are looking now.
The white thread is temporary basting with silk thread - silk is easier to remove than cotton/poly.