Friday, June 15, 2012

Fashion Challenge: Neon Flashback

I dug a little deeper into the shopping cart of treasure and found a bunch of neon printed items from the 70s. Here is a paisley shell with an unfortunate front zipper (think I'll replace it with an exposed metal zip). I paired it with my yellow 80s bubble nylon/spandex tube dress.
nifty pockets!

Neon paisley, right on!
A loud floral Hawaiian style shirt.

I was curious to see how it went with the shift from Monday...
No doubt you'll see me in this soon!
Something about this appeals -- must be the color combo.
This fabric looks downright sedate after all those others.
The yellow, peach and orange acidly pop against the beige ground --
didn't come through in the photo.
It's a lot of yardage in a giant muumuu... I foresee another new skirt!
Today is the final day of the Fashion Challenge week.
Which look do you think I should submit to Keely for her recap?